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CZ 30 Over Group 4

1Preysal Valley Boys5500151.6
2Balmain Sports5410123.05
3Esmeralda Sports532093.63
4Central Zone U18 Team52306-1.23
5Madras S.C51403-2.15
6Petersfield Sports50500-5.72

CZ 30 Over Group 3

1Calcutta Sports5401133.19
2Mc Bean Sports5311101.26
3Centric Academy 2532090.99
4Exchange Sports 1523063.83
5Perseverance S.C523060.6
6Korea S.C50500-7.29

CZ 30 Over Group 2

1Sital Felicity Club4301102.83
2Supersonic Sports4301102.82
3Chickland Sports42206-2.53
4Renoun Sports41303-0.66
5Country Side Cricket Club40400-2.46

CZ 2022 30 Over Group 1

1Couva Sports4400122.5
2Centric Academy 1422060.46
3Friendship Hall Sports422060.27
4Brickfield Sports42206-0.085
5Exchange Sports 240400-3.28

2022 T20 Standings

Central Zone T20 Group 1

1Couva Sports4400123.61
2Friendship Hall Sports422060.42
3Brickfield Sports422060.297
4Centric Academy 241303-1.82
5Exchange Sports 240400-2.03

Central Zone T20 Group 2

1Chickland Sports4400122.1
2Sital Felicity Club43109-0.57
3Supersonic Sports422060.09
4Renoun Sports41303-1
5Country Side Cricket Club40400-0.7

Central Zone T20 Group 3

1Calcutta Sports5500153.62
2Centric Academy 25410122.19
3Mc Bean Sports532092.67
4Exchange Sports 152306-1.07
5Perseverance S.C51403-1.79
6Korea S.C50500-5.08

Central Zone T20 Group 4

1Balmain Sports5500152.98
2Esmeralda S.C532090.706
3Preysal Valley Boys523060.87
4Madras S.C52306-0.974
5Petersfield Sports52306-1.15
6Central Zone U18 Team51403-2.34